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Nominations Gala Prmiilor 2017

Premiul pentru cel mai bun spectacol dramatic:

В небеса de Daniil Harms, regie Iurii Harmelin, Teatrul Dramatic de Stat pentru Tineret „S Uliţî Roz”

Premiul pentru cea mai bună lucrare regizorală:

Iurii Harmelin, spectacolul „В небеса” de Daniil Harms, Teatrul Dramatic de Stat pentru Tineret „S Uliţî Roz”
 Premiul pentru cel mai bun spectacol pentru copii:

„НЕ ЁЖИК  de Anna Bogachev, regie Iurii Harmelin, Teatrul Dramatic pentru Tineret „S uliţî Roz”

Premiul pentru cea mai bună scenografie:

Iulia Eţco, spectacolul „В небеса” de Daniil Harms, Teatrul Dramatic de Stat pentru Tineret „S Uliţî Roz”


Premiul pentru cel mai valoros debut:

Alexei Ştîrbul, pentru rolul Charlie,  monospectacolul „Цветы для Элджернона” de Daniel KeyesTeatrul Dramatic de Stat pentru Tineret „S Uliţî Roz”


Congratulations to the winners!

The staff of the State Youth Drama Theatre
“From the Rose Street” congratulates:

Yuri Harmelin, artistic director, received the award “Best Director Award” at the International Theatre Festival in Romania, Pitesti. The play “Flowers for Algernon”.

Alexei Shtyrbul, theater actor, received the prize for ‘Best Actor’ at the International Theatre Festival in Romania, Pitesti. The play “Flowers for Algernon” by Yury Harmelin.

Bogdan Horohorin, theater actor, received the Grand Prix at the V Competition of readers «Valeriu Cupcea» Chisinau, Moldova

Eugen Bognibov, theater actor, received a diploma of III degree on readers «Valeriu Cupcea» V contest Chisinau, Moldova

We wish all of our actors further success !!!


By Pike magic

O. Cherepova

A fairy tale for children and adults, 6+


White Acacia

Operetta I. Dunayevsky of pse V. Mass and M. Chervinsky
Director – Y. Harmelin, Honored Artist
Art director – Y. Etsko

Characters and performers:

Peter T. Chumakov, the harpooner Mentor whaling fleet “Salute” – A. Petrov, D. Ermichei

Olga, his wife – O. Sofrikova, E. Kazachenko

Tonya Chumakov, his niece – E. Tendel, T. Levodyanskaya

Konstantin Kupriyanov, Captain harpooner whaling fleet “Salyut-8″ – S. Binkovsky, D. Reshitko

Larisa Shtepenko – Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova L. Shalom, K. Kurenkova

Yakov Petrovich tip nicknamed “Tug” – V. Pavlenko, B. Harahorin

Seraphim STEPANOVNA Korableva – I. Secrieru, A. Prishchenko

Sergey ships – V. Azarovsky, S. Agapov

Kate, a friend of Tony – V. Petrova, A. Hlopotova

Alex Giants, a young sailor flotilii- A. Shtyrbul , M. Kehl

Lopatenko Sasha, a young sailor fleet – V. Baltar, Y. Gribinenko

Captain Director flotilla “Salute” – D. Dubina

Film director – D. Muntean

Kardibalet and Choir: Y. Evstifeeva,  A. Unku, E. Marinicheva


“GALA PREMIILOR” – the highest theatrical FORUM

1. Raisa Rotaru – award “Person behind the scenes”

2. Ksenia Kurenkova – SPECIAL AWARD chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of RM for the role of Joan of Arc in the play “white crow”

3. PERFORMANCE “White Crow” – Special Prize of the Union of theatrical figures of RM

4. Dmitry Dubina – Award in the category “Best Acting Debut” for his role in the play ANDREW “Give me back my life, please …”

5. Alexander Petrov - Awards for “Best Choreography and plastic expression” for the play “white crow”

6. Yurii Harmelin – AWARD “superiority”

WE WISH ALL WINNERS new successes !!!

Иддо Нетаниягу «HAPPY END» 2014 г.


PREMIER November 30 at 21:00

dramatic story of 1933 on the play by Iddo Netanyahu, 14+

J. Harmelin, master of arts RM

Y. Ecko

Characters and performers:

Mark Erdman, a professor of physics, Alexander Shishkin, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Leia Erdman, his wife – Natalia Yermolayeva

Dieter Kraft, a physicist, his assistent- Vasiliy Pavlenko

AnnaOlga Sofrikova (Saveliev)

Eric Erdman - Vyacheslav Azarovsky

MarchElena Tendel

The waiter, a visitor – Sergey Agapov

Visitor, the waitress – Alina Prishchenko


This is a dramatic story – a story about love and the great tragedy that claimed millions of lives. About the fragility of life and the greatness of the moment in the decision. Heroes play live in Germany, during the advent of Hitler to power -1932 year. Signs of impending disaster are increasing, but not so easy to overcome the force of self-deception. Jewish couple in thinking about whether to seek the unknown future outside Germany or stay, giving fate that the viewer is already known in hindsight. Everything turns into an unexpected “happy ending” that precedes one of the true tragedies experienced by mankind – the Holocaust.

Photos of play