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Daniil Harms

Flying in style Harms, 14+
Director – Y. Harmelin, honored worker of arts PM

Scenery – Y. Etsko


Flowers for Algernon

D. Keyes
Drama (16+)
Director – Y. Harmelin, honored worker of arts PM

Cast – A. Shtyrbul


NOT Hedgehog

A fairy tale for children at play by A. Bogacheva, 4+

Director -
Yuri Harmelin,
Honored Art Worker of Moldova

Set and Costume Designer
Angela Josan,
Honored Artist of Moldova

Head. staged part -
Felix Bessonov
Honored Art Worker of Moldova


By Pike magic

O. Cherepova

A fairy tale for children and adults, 6+


The Bremen Town Musicians

fabulous concert 5+

V. Livanov , Yuri Entin on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm , Music G. Gladkov

Directed postanovshik – Daniel Muntean

Artist – Julia Etsko

Roles performed :

Troubadour – Alex Shtyrbul

Cat – Stanislav Binkovsky

Dog – Bogdan Horohorin

Rooster - Dmitry Dubina

Donkey – Milen Kehl

Rogue – Xenia Kurenkov , Levodyanskaya Tatiana , Anastasia Nepritskaya,  Anya Fever

King – Dmitry Ermichev

Princess – Aelita Hlopotova

Detective – Vitaly Baltar

The guards – Jacob Gribinenko, Sergey Agapov , Vitaly Baltar

Photos of play


White Acacia

Operetta I. Dunayevsky of pse V. Mass and M. Chervinsky
Director – Y. Harmelin, Honored Artist
Art director – Y. Etsko

Characters and performers:

Peter T. Chumakov, the harpooner Mentor whaling fleet “Salute” – A. Petrov, D. Ermichei

Olga, his wife – O. Sofrikova, E. Kazachenko

Tonya Chumakov, his niece – E. Tendel, T. Levodyanskaya

Konstantin Kupriyanov, Captain harpooner whaling fleet “Salyut-8″ – S. Binkovsky, D. Reshitko

Larisa Shtepenko – Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova L. Shalom, K. Kurenkova

Yakov Petrovich tip nicknamed “Tug” – V. Pavlenko, B. Harahorin

Seraphim STEPANOVNA Korableva – I. Secrieru, A. Prishchenko

Sergey ships – V. Azarovsky, S. Agapov

Kate, a friend of Tony – V. Petrova, A. Hlopotova

Alex Giants, a young sailor flotilii- A. Shtyrbul , M. Kehl

Lopatenko Sasha, a young sailor fleet – V. Baltar, Y. Gribinenko

Captain Director flotilla “Salute” – D. Dubina

Film director – D. Muntean

Kardibalet and Choir: Y. Evstifeeva,  A. Unku, E. Marinicheva

"Про любовь" 2015 г.

About love

PREMIERE 24, 25, 26 April 18-00

a collection of one-act plays:

“Hello,” O. Sokolova,

“Two poodle” S. Zlotnikov,

“Rudolfio” Rasputin,

“Love” by L. Petrushevskaya

Staging and set designY. Harmelin, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Moldova

Characters and performers:

Anya – E. Tendel

Misha – V. Pavlenko

She – O. Sofrikova

He – A. Petrov

Io – M. Barsukov (student of City Theatrical Lyceum)

Rudolf – D. Dubina

Mom – A. Prishchenko

Sveta – A. Hlopotova

Anatoly – J. Gribinenko

Mom – M. Madan, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Saxophonist – S. Drugush

Guys – S. Agapov, D. Munteanu, M. Kehl, B. Horohorin



PREMIERE: 23, 24, 25 January 12-00

Vegetable cabaret songs and dances by D. Rodari, 7+

Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

J. Ecko

A. Petrov

Musical arrangement and vocals
V. Pavlenko

Props manufactured
R. Rotaru

Costumes manufactured
T.  Dubasova and M. Nikulov

Lighting design
B. Neznanov

Decorations produced
Y. Odobescu, “Master – Golden Hands” and B. Naida

T.Ochakovskaya  and V. Vorona, “Master – Golden Hands”

Characters and performers:

CeremoniesS. Binkovsky

Prince LemonS. Agapov

Countess Cherry olderO. Sofrikova

Countess Cherry Jr.K. Kurenkova, A. Hlopotova

Count CherryD. Reshitco

Zemlyanichka girlfriend Count Cherries, Cherries cook DecanterE. Tendel

Siner Tomato – D. Ermichoi

Dog MastinoA. Shtyrbul

ChipollinoJ. Gribinenko

Cipollone, his fatherV. Azarovsky

Radish, girlfriend ChipollinoV. Petrova

Kum PumpkinА. Petrov

J. Evstifeeva , E. Kazachenko, A. Unku, A. Hlopotova, K. Kurenkova, A. Nepritskaya, T. Levodyanskaya


Cheerful music and dance performance in the genre of “vegetable cabaret”, based on the popular fairy tale of the famous Italian writer Gianni Rodari about the adventures of the brave and courageous boy onions in the kingdom of Prince Lemon.

You will see an incredible adventure perky and cheerful Cipollino and his friends: the godfather Pumpkin, Radish girls, Zemlyanichki and Count Cherries in the fruit and vegetable dreamland! And their struggle against the main offenders: stupid and confused Prince Lemon, cherries and countesses Signor tomatoes.

A play about friendship, help a friend in trouble.

The performance is recommended for both children and adults. After all, laughter, fun, and fresh vegetable and fruit juices prolong human life!

Want to become a long-lived? Come to the show “The Adventures of Cipollino”!

Photos of play

Иддо Нетаниягу «HAPPY END» 2014 г.


PREMIER November 30 at 21:00

dramatic story of 1933 on the play by Iddo Netanyahu, 14+

J. Harmelin, master of arts RM

Y. Ecko

Characters and performers:

Mark Erdman, a professor of physics, Alexander Shishkin, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Leia Erdman, his wife – Natalia Yermolayeva

Dieter Kraft, a physicist, his assistent- Vasiliy Pavlenko

AnnaOlga Sofrikova (Saveliev)

Eric Erdman - Vyacheslav Azarovsky

MarchElena Tendel

The waiter, a visitor – Sergey Agapov

Visitor, the waitress – Alina Prishchenko


This is a dramatic story – a story about love and the great tragedy that claimed millions of lives. About the fragility of life and the greatness of the moment in the decision. Heroes play live in Germany, during the advent of Hitler to power -1932 year. Signs of impending disaster are increasing, but not so easy to overcome the force of self-deception. Jewish couple in thinking about whether to seek the unknown future outside Germany or stay, giving fate that the viewer is already known in hindsight. Everything turns into an unexpected “happy ending” that precedes one of the true tragedies experienced by mankind – the Holocaust.

Photos of play



Romance on the play B. Leybou

Y. Harmelin, a master of arts RM

Production Designer
N. Andronati, Honored Artist of Moldova

Lyusha Weiss-Pechenik
Reyzl Weiss
Mordecai Weiss
Lieb Weiss
Duvid Pechenik
Khan, a friend of Liushi
Shprints Pechenik

End of the Second World War, and America come people who have passed the Nazi death camps. And life goes on despite the loss and inescapable sorrow. People live in the present, happy, sad, but always with them the memory of the past. A play about the life of the family, scattered the Second World War on the different countries and continents. Hardworking and naive, cheerful and happy, proud and inflexible people pass in front of the eyes of viewers. Great love and great sacrifice brings together the heroes of this complicated history, which is reflected in a generation.

Running time: 2 hours with one intermission.

Photos of the show

image description


musical comedy splint based on the tale by L. Filatov

Directed by
Y. Harmelin, a master of arts RM

O. Sofrikovoy and Petrov

Director of the orchestra of folk instruments

Baby Sitter
Baba Yaga
Titus Kuzmich
Frol Fomich
Ambassador cannibalistic tribe and the ambassador from England

Amusing show how Fedot-Archer was following orders and foolish king tricky Baba Yaga. Fabulous shape helps to talk about the relationship of the people and government of cunning and truth-seekers. Songs, dances, funny situations all in this comedy-splints!

In the play sound Russian folk songs!

The premiere took place in 1988.
A remake of the play took place in 2007 for the 60th anniversary of Leonid Filatov.

Performances for an audience of 13 years and older.
Running & ndash; 1ch.30 min.

Photos of the show

Play video



class concert parodies, observations and sketches

Directed by
Y. Harmelin, a master of arts RM

Rhythm numbers
A. Petrov

Photos class concert


Padam… Padam…

plastic drama about Edith Piaf
based on the play I. Grinshpun

Staging and stage design
Yu Harmelina, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

Choreography and plastic
N. Kazmina

In the role of Edith Piaf
Olga Sofrikova, winner in the nomination “For the best female lead” in 2007

The performance of the participating artists:
D. Dubina
A. Petrov
S. Agapov
A. Hlopotova
A. Pavlov
B. Azarovsky
B. Baltar

Piece Inna Grinshpun “Padam, Padam …” about the fate of Edith Piaf. Much has been written about the legendary Parisian sparrow, French pop star 50-60, whose voice still care about, and destiny could be the basis for a number of TV series.

In the theater, there was a monologue from Chisinau Piaf – shrill, desperate, provocative, moving, rough. So different and strange as life itself.

Luck of the theater that the troupe was a young actress, who came at the time of the tragic role. This is it – passionately, fervently, defiantly, with pain says the text, the revelation of the one who yields to the whole world. And next to it – a silent chorus. Basically, the male. In which there is only one woman. Actors “chorus” dressed in tights and T-shirts, they strongly nabelennye face. Not characters – Valais, helpers. And does it matter who they are, those randomly encountered on the way the actress. They appear as a brothel girls, how casual lovers – sailor legionary work. Then the boys from Variety, the soldiers of the Second World, then the court of honor, the backing dancers as Piaf and her numerous lovers, whose names are not remembered. But here the crowd go one, two, three … Those meeting that became a landmark in the life of Piaf. LEBL of a variety show, which led her to the stage, Marcel Cerdan, Yves Montand, the last love of Serrano.

They are silent. She plays for all.

The role of Edith Piaf is actress Olga Sofrikova. So different and so multifaceted. In this role it all – passion, innocence, mischief, pain, and young desperate thirst for glory.

Usually Piaf, especially Piaf mature play actress aged. This Piaf young, but like many of her Piaf – as though she were in the transfer of lingering passion, in an all-consuming desire for the glory of the young, in mischief – and she had remained those who called the child of the streets. She and seductive Frenchwoman, fearless and funny Gavroche and lonely woman to despair. And haughty, cruel, capricious diva, who knows all too well the price and glory, and a piece of bread.

The play gently used soundtrack songs Piaf. Actress – and this director’s decision in principle – does not sing and does not portray Piaf singing. Once sings verse of the song, did not compete with Piaf, reading poetry, which became the basis of songs, listening to recordings of these songs together with partners and spectators.
The external appearance of the play is concise and expressive. Four old street lantern – this sign of the country, and a sign of destiny. After fruity sparrow Piaf flew with bridge in Paris.

Premiere sostoyalasv 2004.

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes. without intermission.

The performance used songs performed by Edith Piaf.

Photos of the show

Movies play



drama based on the play by Mikhail Lermontov

Yuri Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

N. Andronati, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Eugene Arbenin – Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Bondarev
His wife Nina - E. Tendel
Prince Zvezdich – V. Pavlenko
Baroness Strahl – A. Revnivih
Kazarin - A. Petrov
Shprih – E. Slav
Mask – A Chuzhov
Players, guests, servants – N. Portage, M. Chebotar, V. Azarovsky, A. Pavlov, E. Tyaka, S. Binikovskii, A. Ambrosio, S. Agapov, B. Baltar

Drama “Masquerade” occupies a special place not only in the work of the great Russian poet, but also in the history of Russian drama of the first half of the XIX century. This emotionally rich, expressive, realistic play. Anger, jealousy, nagging doubts and torments the protagonist Eugene Arbenina not leave indifferent many generations of viewers. And the inevitable death of Nina and unfair to this day is bitter bewilderment, sympathy and regret.

Pointless victim carrying a total collapse of hopes, aspirations, pure world of beauty and love always raises the question about the absurdity of ambition when two trust and love each other.

Doubt can ruin any joy, the strongest passion, break support and loyalty. Believe me, as myself, otherwise love is impotent. Believe in the power of love! “Masquerade” – a mystical drama about revenge and envy boomerang when strangers interfere with your happiness and seek to destroy it. Theme, known since the time of Shakespeare’s “Othello.” Nina killed her Arbenin poisons, which then itself is crazy. Did not save love, then lost his mind and killed himself. Obviously, the more you know to trust a favorite – we do not need someone else. The performance involved the best forces of the theater.

Photos of Play

Америка России подарила пароход

AMERICA for RUSSIA Has Presented Steamboats

romantic story by N. Kalyada

Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

F. Bessonov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

IRINA – Natalia Yermolayeva
ROMAN – Jacob Gribinenko

Psychological poignant story about love, passion and the loneliness … the bitter terrible loneliness, which says: “The most cruel loneliness – is loneliness of the heart.”

And if a woman alone? One that is designed by God to continue the human race? One that should be a reliable shoulder to the man? Then this terrible triple, then collapsing world ….

After all, the loneliness and the feeling that you’re no use to anyone – the worst kind of poverty!

Photos of Play


Nura Chapay

play by N. Kolyada
family story

Nomination “Gala Premiilor”

Yuri Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Anna Petrovna, or Nura Chapay – L. Kolohina, master of arts RM
Lily or Lilyak – her granddaughter – E. Tendel
Sasha or Sashid – her grandson – M. Chebotar
Svetlana, or Lana – her daughter – A. Samartseva, master of arts RM

Lana, Sasha and Lily came to bury her grandmother Anna Petrovna, who in his youth was called Nura Chapay for strong character. But the grandmother is not going to die, on the contrary: it is healthy and wants to live …

Lyudmila Kolohina, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova in 2012. awards honored “Gala Premiilor” and got in Yekaterinburg Theater Festival “KOLYADA-PLAYS” prize in the category “Best Performance main female role” in play “Nura Chapay” N. Kolyada.

Photos of Play



romantic comedy in two acts
based on a play by the American playwright A. Levine
translation from English Semenova – Vassilkovskaya

Y. Harmelin, a Master of Arts in Moldova

Warren Ives – V. Pavlenko
Leslie Rosen – O. Sofrikova
Maurice Lipkind – Y. Harmelin, master of arts RM
Philip Quinn - A. Petrov
Donna Quinn, his wife – A. Prishchenko
William Ives, father Warren – A. Shishkin

A young American couple buys an apartment in which previously housed a synagogue, and start getting amazing things that can not even explain … ufology play about preserving the traditions, love and desire to “build your house.”
Performances for an audience of 16 years and older. Running time – 1 min ch.40. The premiere took place in 2002.




Off-season musical tale
the play by V. Korostyleva

Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

Sets and costumes
O. Beldy

A. Minkov

A. Petrov, O. Sofrikova

Voice Tales – Y. Gribinenko
Gerda – A. Yermolayeva
Kay – A. Raz
Snow Queen - K. Kurenkova
Snowman – A. Shtyrbul
King, which is not - S. Binkovskiy
Mistress Autumn – E. Tendel
1 nettle Escape - S. Agapov
2 nettle Escape – A. Pavlov
Prince Narcissus - A. Petrov
Bindweed – A. Chuprun
Wormwood – V. Chebotareva
Ice Gerda – Y. Ohrimenko

Photos of Play



tale with replacements for children and adults
based on the play by E. Schwartz

Yuri Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

N. Andronati, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.


Cinderella – E. Tendel
Prince – A. Shtyrbul
King – A. Shishkin, master of arts RM
Marquis Padetrua – A. Petrov
Stepmother – M. Madan, master of arts RM
Anna – A. Hlopotova
Marianna – O. Sofrikova, V. Petrova
Godmother – A. Prishchenko
Boys page – A. Safronov
Soldiers – A. Pavlov, D. Dubina
Corporal - V. Azarovsky




Musical performance by K. Chukovskogo tales:
“Boldly Buzzing Fly”
“Miracle Tree”

Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

F. Bessonov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Y. Ecko

Choreography and movement
A. Petrov



musical tale
by Nikolai Nosov

The performance was in these cities on tour and at festivals in different years: Cyprus (Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda), Belarus (Minsk, Bobruisk, Mogilev), Russia (Yoshkar-Ola)
Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

F. Bessonov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Neznaika - S. Binkovskiy
Znayka – A. Petrov
Donut – A. Pavlov
Pillman – D. Reshitko
Guslya – V. Pavlenko
Tube – A. Shtyrbul, S. Agapov
Little flowers – V. Baltar, A. Chuprun

женское счастье афиша 1200х1800мм


comedy by Anton Chehov
the 150th anniversary of his birth

Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

N. Andronati, master of arts RM

Popova – N. Yermolayeva
Smirnov – A. Shishkin, master of arts RM
Luke – J. Gribinenko

The performance artists are participating
A. Petrov
S. Agapov
V. Pavlenko
D. Reshitko
A. Pavlov

If you, dear viewers, have not reread humorous stories of Anton Chekhov or, conversely, never read them (for example, time is not an noncash left) – go and see the play “Women’s happiness”: you will hear and see sounds like Chekhov’s plays and Word, as sparkles and drags Chekhovskaya Thought as comfortable and easy feel close and moving – as suddenly understand! – Timeless and very modern heroes Chekhov’s works.

Enjoy your viewing!

Photos show



mystical drama by Nicolai Kolyada
based on the works of A. Pushkin’s “Queen of Spades”

Y. Harmelin, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Art Director
S. Zograbyan, winner theater award “Golden Mask” (Russia)

The play music by Tom Wates

Makeup artist – V. Vorona, master “Golden Hands”, T. Ochakovskaya

Germann – V. Pavlenko,
winner in the nomination “For the best performance the male lead”
Lisa – A. Hlopotova
Countess – O. Sofrikova
Tomsk – A. Shishkin, master of arts RM
The first player – D. Reshitko, J. Gribinenko
The second player – A. Petrov
Chekalinsky – A. Shtyrbul
First lady – E. Tendel
The second lady – Y. Evstifeeva
A. Pavlov
D. Muntean
V. Azarovsky
S. Binkovskiy
S. Agapov
B. Baltar

Based on the story “Queen of Spades” Pushkin, playwright N.Kolyada sets new – unexpected – accents in his play. The play raises questions about the true and false patriotism, mystical scenes help to accurately convey the author’s thoughts, the viewer must understand grotesque nature of the action taking place on stage scenography understand the performance, causing a lot of associations.

Performance is created within the framework of state and public support Russian theaters of the CIS and Baltic countries under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation.

The play won three top awards Theatre Festival «Gala-premiilor – 2006″
Performances for an audience of 17 years and older. Running time – 2 hours with one intermission.

Photos show




psychological drama
the play by Peter Shaffer

Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

F. Bessonov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova
MARTIN Dysert, a psychiatrist – V. Pavlenko
Alan Strang – A. Shtyrbul
FRANK Strang, Alan’s father – V. Azarovsky,  O. Kotenko
Laura Strang, Alan’s mother - A. Prishchenko , S. Kazantseva
ESTHER SOLOMON, judge – O. Sofrikova
JILL MASON – Y. Evstifeeva
HARRY Dalton, the owner of the stables – A. Petrov
YOUNG RIDER – J. Gribinenko,  A. Chuprun
NURSE – I. Secrieru, S. Basova
Six actors performing horses – theater artists

“Equus” – the famous scandalous play by English playwright Peter Shaffer’s about self-awareness and development of adolescents deprived of religion and invented a god in the form of horses (equus – is Latin for “horse”). Written in 1973, the play was recognized as the best play of the world 70 years of XX century. The plot – a real story that happened in a small town near London; it inspired the creation of Peter Shaffer’s work.

Sharp dialogues, exact psychological story, detective basis of what is happening – all this made the play youth absolute hit. The problem of self-determination – sexual, religious, professional – raised in it is still relevant today.

Exciting detective story combined with psychological depth; as well as other pieces Schaeffer “Equus” affects relations between people, to be opposite in nature, but related, something common. The play reflects the eternal conflict between the individual and society, freedom and limitations, desires and laws.




drama based on the work of Nikolai Leskov

Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

F. Bessonov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Katerina LVOVNA IZMAILOVA – Aelita Hlopotova
SERGEY, clerk Izmailovs – Daniel Reshitko
Boris T. Izmailov, her father-in-law – Alexander Petrov
Zinovy ​​B. Izmailov – his son, husband Catherine Barto – Vasily Pavlenko
Axinite, cook – Elena Tendel
MARFA, cousin Boris Kalashnikov Izmailov – Alina Prishchenko
FEDOR Lyamino her nephew – Yegor Cheban
Bellpull, prisoner – Victoria Petrova
Storytellers: Dmitry Dubina, Alexei Pavlov, Vyacheslav Azarovsky, Stanislav Binkovskiy

Play about love. But it is not about love uplifting, animates, lifting up to heaven, to a state of paradise! Not about love, which leads to a beautiful romantic exploits and deeds.
And about passionate love lowland bordering madness. About love, pushing the terrible crimes and sins. Love that rhymes with the word only “blood”!

Photos show



romantic comedy by A.Krym

The performance was in these cities on tour and at festivals in different years: Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Saransk, Tambov, Samara), Germany (Hannover), Norway (Oslo), Belarus (Gomel, Bobruisk)

Y. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

F. Bessonov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Levushka – V. Azarovsky
Grandma Rose – L. Kolohina, master of arts RM
Grandmother Dasha – M. Madan, master of arts RM

Photos show:



drama (14 +)
based on the play A.Vampilov
V. Madan, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

F. Bessonov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Zilov – V. Pavlenko
Kuzakov - S. Agapov, S. Binkovskiy
Sayapin – A. Pavlov
Kushak- A. Shishkin, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova
Galina – O. Sofrikova
Irina - E. Tendel
Vera – E. Golovina
Valeria - V. Petrova
Waiter – A. Petrov
Boy – K. Mazur
Waiters: S. Basov, M. Muntean, A. Kaldyba

The performance of the monstrous crisis of the human soul, full of its impoverishment.
And when the soul is empty, there are populated cynicism “psevdosvoboda” and self-loathing.
Or not there is a way out of deep depression?
And what should happen to stay alive when the soul on the brink ….

Photos show:



the play by William Golding

Staging and set design
J. Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

Head. the Staging
F. Bessonov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

A. Petrov

V. Pavlenko



Ralph – A. Shtyrbul
Jack – D. Reshitco
Piggy – Y. Gribinenko
Simon - B. Baltar
Roger – D. Dubina
Robert – R. Dubasov
Eric – A. Chuprun
Sam – Ch Boyraz


Percival – A. Zhizhiry
Johnny – A. Chirwa


Father Ralph – S. Baboglo
Auntie Piggy – S. Basov, K. Kurenkova
Chanter – S. Agapov
Mom Simon - A. Hlopotova, V. Chebotareva
Roger’s father – D. Muntean
Man with a megaphone – D. Dubina
Lord of the Flies - V. Kitikari


Play “The Lord of the Flies” set on the eponymous novel and most famous English writer, Nobel laureate William Golding; dramatization and Zongo (ie lyrics in rock) prepared I.Grinshpun – professional doctor and talented linguist. The play, like the book, talk about children stranded on a desert island in the plane crash. How will shape their lives on the island, through which they will have to go through, whether they save – this you know, looking at performance-parable permeated Zongo, who wrote the music for the young composer Pavlenko.

Photos show:



musical tale by N. Nosov (5 + )
continued performance-musical “Neznayka and His Friends”


Flying – flying balloon and fell ! Right in the Green City , where they live alone baby girls , and very pretty ! All the boys get to the hospital and find Dunno Sineglazka and her girlfriends . Dunno tells them stories about flying on the ball and know that this city can not make noise, run and jump .

DirectorY. Harmelin , Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

Scenography – J. Ecko

Characters :

Neznayka - S. Binkovskiy
Znayka – A. Petrov
Donut – A. Pavlov
Pillman – D. Reshetko
Guslya -V. Pavlenko
Tube – A. Shtyrbul , S. Agapov
Little flowers – B. Baltar , A. Chuprun
Croaker – V. Azarovsky
Siropchik – Ya Gribinenko
Sineglazka – E. Golovin
Sun – E. Tendel
Tick ​​- K. Kurenkova
Squirrel – S. Basova
Pulmonaria – A. Hlopotova
Button – O. Sofrikova
Samotsvetik – V. Petrova
Nurse – A. Prishchenko

Белая Ворона


Rock opera by Y. Rybczynski (12 +)

Dramatic poem “The White Crow” written by poet Yuri Rybczynski in 1989. The theme of the poem – a feat French girl Joan of Arc, who led his people in the liberation struggle against British enslavement during the Hundred Years War.
Figure of Joan of Arc – symbolic not only for the French, but also for all people who dream of freedom.

DirectorY. Harmelin, master of arts RM
ScenographyY. Ecko
Composer – G. Tatarchenko
VocalsV. Pavlenko
ChoreographerA. Petrov

Joan of Arc – K. Kurenkova
Julien fiance Jeanne - A. Shtyrbul
Minstrel, Father Julien-undertaker, Auctioneer – V. Pavlenko
Minstrel, Jester, Cardinal of Winchester – A. Petrov
Charles of Valois VII – Prince – Dauphin, later King – Y. Gribinenko
Archbishop of Rheims – S. Binkovskiy
Duke of Burgundy – V. Azarovsky
Cochon – Judge Joan – D. Dubina
Hundred Years War – M. Madan, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova
Scammers, whores, womanizer, soldiers, merchants and traders, spinsters, inquisitors, the court -
O. Sofrikova , E. Tendel,  A. Prishchenko, E. Kozachenko, Y. Evstifeeva , A. Pavlov, O. Korzhenkova, A. Unku, S. Agapov, V. Baltar, S. Basov, D. Muntean, M. Trokhimchuk, V. Kitikar, M. Palnitskaya , A. Chuprun, A. Hlopotova, D. Reshitco, L. Chebotareva, T. Levodyanskaya, M. Kelya, E. Cheban, K. Mazur

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Верните мне мою жизнь, пожалуйста…


Confession on the play by A. Krupin “Moon and transformer” (16 +)

DirectorY. Harmelin, master of arts RM

Scenography - Y. Harmelin, master of arts RM

In the role of a boy – Dmitry Dubina


And before your eyes “swept” the whole of life, when you looked fear in the eyes? When you are almost sure that the experience itself now with impunity rapist? And you while only 9 years old?

This is a short story about a past life, told in simple words. This is a monologue in which the reality of everyday adult life hiding behind lard yard slang memories, a small open big world and boyish dispassionate observations. Where there is a place of unconditional faith in the child that everything will be fine. “Who will love each other, if all the evil grow up?” – The main question raised by the main character, defines the idea of the play.

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пеппи длинныйчулок


musical circus tale by A. Lindgren ( 5 + )

The performance was in these cities on tour and at festivals in different years: Russia (Moscow, Simferopol, Samara, Tambov, Yalta), Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Rishon le Zion, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Nazaret, Netanya, Petah Tikva, Rehovot, Holon, Kiryamt Motzkin) Germany (Hannover), Turkey (Denizli), Ukraine (Kherson), Belarus (Bobruisk), Cyprus (Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia)

The premiere took place in 1978
Last remake of the play took place in 2006
Running time: 1 hour 05 minutes.

Y. Harmelin , master of arts RM

Scenography – O. Beldy

Composer – V. Dashkevich

Choreography – A. Petrov and O. Sofrikova

Characters :

Pippi Longstocking – E. Tendel
Annika – A. Petrova
Tommy – A. Chuprun
Rogue Blom – D. Reshitko
Rogue Khorl – B. Baltar
Circus director Steffensen -A. Petrov
Miss Rozemblyum – E. Kozachenko
Fru Laura – A. Prishchenko
Fru Settergen – O. Korzhenkova
Captain Longstocking – S. Agapov
POLICE – A. Pavlov
Indian Rooster – S. Agapov
Clown Jim – K. Kurenkova
Clown Beech – S. Basova


Lonesome West

Dark comedy play by M. McDonagh (16 +)

DirectorY. Harmelin, master of arts RM
Scenography – J. Ecko

V. Pavlenko, A. Petrov, V. Azarovsky, E. Tendel, J. Evstifeeva

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Золотой ключик


Tale about people and dolls by A. Tolstoy (3+)

The performance was in these cities on tour and at festivals in different years: Turkey (Denizli), Belarus (Bobruisk), Russia (Yalta, Samara)

Cheerful musical story about how the wooden puppet Pinocchio learns the secret of Carabas Barabas and with your best friends – Pierrot , Harlequin , Malvina , poodle Artemon – find the golden key that opens the door to a fabulous puppet theater !
This remarkable performance in which people play and dolls , sounds great music where good as always triumphs over evil !
Running time: 50 minutes without intermission .

Yuri Harmelin , Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

N. Andronati , Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Composer – E. Bucur

Lyrics – Semenova

Characters :

Pinocchio – D. Dubin
Malvina – E. Tendel
Piero – A. Pavlov
Artemon – A. Chuprun
Harlequin – A. Petrov
Papa Carlo Carabas Barabas , Frog , Barker , Cat Basilio – S. Binkovskiy
Greeter Tartilla Turtle , Alice Fox , Frog – K. Kurenkova
Clowns – J. Gribinenko , V. Azarovsky, A. Hlopotova , J. Evstifeeva


Wizard of Oz

Musical tale based on a play by A. Volkov (5 +)

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes .

Yuri Harmelin , Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

N. Andronati , Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Of the Staging
F. Bessonov , Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova .

Sound engineer – V. Pavlenko
Gaffer – V. Matkowski , T. Solovyov
Grim – Ochakovskaya T. , W. Crow , Master “Golden Hands ”

Characters :

Ellie – E.Tendel , V. Sprinchan
Toto – B. Baltar , A. Chuprun
Scarecrow – S. Binkovskiy
Woodman – Shtyrbul A. , S. Baboglo
Cowardly Lion – Pavlov , V. Azarovsky
Bastinda , Tattypoo , Kaggi Carr , Anna , Migun , Munchkins – A. Hlopotova , K. Kurenkov
Goodwin, Good Stork Flying Monkey, Dean Amby , Father, Migun , Munchkins – S. Agapov, J. Gribinenko



Parable by play K. Sergienko (10 +)

Touching, true and very sad story from the life of stray dogs will not leave indifferent neither the seven-or septuagenarian viewers.

Director: Y. Harmelin, master of arts RM

Scenery: J. Etzko

V. Azarovsky, Pavlenko, A. Petrov, A. Hlopotova, A. Shtyrbul, A. Pavlov, J. Gribinenko, S. Binkovskiy, B. Baltar, D. Reshitko.



afterword to the sentence
on the play by V. Levashov

Stage Director
Yuri Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Production Designer
N. Andronati, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Andrey Demidov
Sergey Nowacki
Sergey Kolov
Alexei Chebotarev
Andrei Sharapov
Tamara V., Director of College
Khalyavin, the camp commander
Starshinov, teacher
The arbitrator

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