mystical drama by Nicolai Kolyada
based on the works of A. Pushkin’s “Queen of Spades”

Y. Harmelin, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova

Art Director
S. Zograbyan, winner theater award “Golden Mask” (Russia)

The play music by Tom Wates

Makeup artist – V. Vorona, master “Golden Hands”, T. Ochakovskaya

Germann – V. Pavlenko,
winner in the nomination “For the best performance the male lead”
Lisa – A. Hlopotova
Countess – O. Sofrikova
Tomsk – A. Shishkin, master of arts RM
The first player – D. Reshitko, J. Gribinenko
The second player – A. Petrov
Chekalinsky – A. Shtyrbul
First lady – E. Tendel
The second lady – Y. Evstifeeva
A. Pavlov
D. Muntean
V. Azarovsky
S. Binkovskiy
S. Agapov
B. Baltar

Based on the story “Queen of Spades” Pushkin, playwright N.Kolyada sets new – unexpected – accents in his play. The play raises questions about the true and false patriotism, mystical scenes help to accurately convey the author’s thoughts, the viewer must understand grotesque nature of the action taking place on stage scenography understand the performance, causing a lot of associations.

Performance is created within the framework of state and public support Russian theaters of the CIS and Baltic countries under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation.

The play won three top awards Theatre Festival «Gala-premiilor – 2006″
Performances for an audience of 17 years and older. Running time – 2 hours with one intermission.

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