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Romance on the play B. Leybou

Y. Harmelin, a master of arts RM

Production Designer
N. Andronati, Honored Artist of Moldova

Lyusha Weiss-Pechenik
Reyzl Weiss
Mordecai Weiss
Lieb Weiss
Duvid Pechenik
Khan, a friend of Liushi
Shprints Pechenik

End of the Second World War, and America come people who have passed the Nazi death camps. And life goes on despite the loss and inescapable sorrow. People live in the present, happy, sad, but always with them the memory of the past. A play about the life of the family, scattered the Second World War on the different countries and continents. Hardworking and naive, cheerful and happy, proud and inflexible people pass in front of the eyes of viewers. Great love and great sacrifice brings together the heroes of this complicated history, which is reflected in a generation.

Running time: 2 hours with one intermission.

Photos of the show