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romantic comedy in two acts
based on a play by the American playwright A. Levine
translation from English Semenova – Vassilkovskaya

Y. Harmelin, a Master of Arts in Moldova

Warren Ives – V. Pavlenko
Leslie Rosen – O. Sofrikova
Maurice Lipkind – Y. Harmelin, master of arts RM
Philip Quinn - A. Petrov
Donna Quinn, his wife – A. Prishchenko
William Ives, father Warren – A. Shishkin

A young American couple buys an apartment in which previously housed a synagogue, and start getting amazing things that can not even explain … ufology play about preserving the traditions, love and desire to “build your house.”
Performances for an audience of 16 years and older. Running time – 1 min ch.40. The premiere took place in 2002.