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drama based on the play by Mikhail Lermontov

Yuri Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

N. Andronati, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Eugene Arbenin – Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Bondarev
His wife Nina - E. Tendel
Prince Zvezdich – V. Pavlenko
Baroness Strahl – A. Revnivih
Kazarin - A. Petrov
Shprih – E. Slav
Mask – A Chuzhov
Players, guests, servants – N. Portage, M. Chebotar, V. Azarovsky, A. Pavlov, E. Tyaka, S. Binikovskii, A. Ambrosio, S. Agapov, B. Baltar

Drama “Masquerade” occupies a special place not only in the work of the great Russian poet, but also in the history of Russian drama of the first half of the XIX century. This emotionally rich, expressive, realistic play. Anger, jealousy, nagging doubts and torments the protagonist Eugene Arbenina not leave indifferent many generations of viewers. And the inevitable death of Nina and unfair to this day is bitter bewilderment, sympathy and regret.

Pointless victim carrying a total collapse of hopes, aspirations, pure world of beauty and love always raises the question about the absurdity of ambition when two trust and love each other.

Doubt can ruin any joy, the strongest passion, break support and loyalty. Believe me, as myself, otherwise love is impotent. Believe in the power of love! “Masquerade” – a mystical drama about revenge and envy boomerang when strangers interfere with your happiness and seek to destroy it. Theme, known since the time of Shakespeare’s “Othello.” Nina killed her Arbenin poisons, which then itself is crazy. Did not save love, then lost his mind and killed himself. Obviously, the more you know to trust a favorite – we do not need someone else. The performance involved the best forces of the theater.

Photos of Play