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Nura Chapay

play by N. Kolyada
family story

Nomination “Gala Premiilor”

Yuri Harmelin, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Anna Petrovna, or Nura Chapay – L. Kolohina, master of arts RM
Lily or Lilyak – her granddaughter – E. Tendel
Sasha or Sashid – her grandson – M. Chebotar
Svetlana, or Lana – her daughter – A. Samartseva, master of arts RM

Lana, Sasha and Lily came to bury her grandmother Anna Petrovna, who in his youth was called Nura Chapay for strong character. But the grandmother is not going to die, on the contrary: it is healthy and wants to live …

Lyudmila Kolohina, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova in 2012. awards honored “Gala Premiilor” and got in Yekaterinburg Theater Festival “KOLYADA-PLAYS” prize in the category “Best Performance main female role” in play “Nura Chapay” N. Kolyada.

Photos of Play