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Padam… Padam…

plastic drama about Edith Piaf
based on the play I. Grinshpun

Staging and stage design
Yu Harmelina, Master of Arts of the Republic of Moldova

Choreography and plastic
N. Kazmina

In the role of Edith Piaf
Olga Sofrikova, winner in the nomination “For the best female lead” in 2007

The performance of the participating artists:
D. Dubina
A. Petrov
S. Agapov
A. Hlopotova
A. Pavlov
B. Azarovsky
B. Baltar

Piece Inna Grinshpun “Padam, Padam …” about the fate of Edith Piaf. Much has been written about the legendary Parisian sparrow, French pop star 50-60, whose voice still care about, and destiny could be the basis for a number of TV series.

In the theater, there was a monologue from Chisinau Piaf – shrill, desperate, provocative, moving, rough. So different and strange as life itself.

Luck of the theater that the troupe was a young actress, who came at the time of the tragic role. This is it – passionately, fervently, defiantly, with pain says the text, the revelation of the one who yields to the whole world. And next to it – a silent chorus. Basically, the male. In which there is only one woman. Actors “chorus” dressed in tights and T-shirts, they strongly nabelennye face. Not characters – Valais, helpers. And does it matter who they are, those randomly encountered on the way the actress. They appear as a brothel girls, how casual lovers – sailor legionary work. Then the boys from Variety, the soldiers of the Second World, then the court of honor, the backing dancers as Piaf and her numerous lovers, whose names are not remembered. But here the crowd go one, two, three … Those meeting that became a landmark in the life of Piaf. LEBL of a variety show, which led her to the stage, Marcel Cerdan, Yves Montand, the last love of Serrano.

They are silent. She plays for all.

The role of Edith Piaf is actress Olga Sofrikova. So different and so multifaceted. In this role it all – passion, innocence, mischief, pain, and young desperate thirst for glory.

Usually Piaf, especially Piaf mature play actress aged. This Piaf young, but like many of her Piaf – as though she were in the transfer of lingering passion, in an all-consuming desire for the glory of the young, in mischief – and she had remained those who called the child of the streets. She and seductive Frenchwoman, fearless and funny Gavroche and lonely woman to despair. And haughty, cruel, capricious diva, who knows all too well the price and glory, and a piece of bread.

The play gently used soundtrack songs Piaf. Actress – and this director’s decision in principle – does not sing and does not portray Piaf singing. Once sings verse of the song, did not compete with Piaf, reading poetry, which became the basis of songs, listening to recordings of these songs together with partners and spectators.
The external appearance of the play is concise and expressive. Four old street lantern – this sign of the country, and a sign of destiny. After fruity sparrow Piaf flew with bridge in Paris.

Premiere sostoyalasv 2004.

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes. without intermission.

The performance used songs performed by Edith Piaf.

Photos of the show

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