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Верните мне мою жизнь, пожалуйста…


Confession on the play by A. Krupin “Moon and transformer” (16 +)

DirectorY. Harmelin, master of arts RM

Scenography - Y. Harmelin, master of arts RM

In the role of a boy – Dmitry Dubina


And before your eyes “swept” the whole of life, when you looked fear in the eyes? When you are almost sure that the experience itself now with impunity rapist? And you while only 9 years old?

This is a short story about a past life, told in simple words. This is a monologue in which the reality of everyday adult life hiding behind lard yard slang memories, a small open big world and boyish dispassionate observations. Where there is a place of unconditional faith in the child that everything will be fine. “Who will love each other, if all the evil grow up?” – The main question raised by the main character, defines the idea of the play.

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